I am from Canada, can I buy a ShowHauler?

Yes. ShowHauler is now cleared for Canada. In fact, if you find a 2011 ShowHauler coach or newer, you can now take it into Canada without issue.

What kind of horsepower ratings are available?

Chassis are available with as little as 330 hp/1,000 torque up to 600 hp/2,050 torque.

Do I need to know how to drive a shift or need a special license?

Most all of the conversions are built on a full automatic or ultra shift transmission which do not require shifting. As long as you will not be using the coach for commercial purposes, all you need is your regular drivers license that is required by your state for a similarly sized motorhome. It is best to check with your states DMV for clarification.

What kind of fuel mileage can I expect?

Approximately 8–10 mpg.

How long or short can you build a unit?

We like to stay under 45′ bumper to bumper. The smallest motorhome box we have built is 17′. We also build 10′ toterhomes.

How different is it driving a diesel puller vs. a diesel pusher?

They are very similar. There is a slight increase in engine noise, but much more stability in cross winds and when trucks pass. Turning radius will depend on wheelbase.

What is the lead-time to build a coach?

The average build will require 4–5 months.

What are the interior and exterior heights?

Interior will have a standard 7′ height with an option to go up to 7′ 9″. Standard exterior height is 12′ 8″ at the top of the A/C unit.

What chassis can we build on?

We can build on almost any truck chassis. The main consideration is the axle ratings. We need a minimum of 14,000 lb. front and 19,000 lb. rear. The layout may require as high as 16,000 lb. up front and a tandem axle set up in the rear.

How many will a conversion sleep?

This all depends on the type and layout of the conversion. The minimum is generally 4, the average is 6, but we have layouts with 8 or more.

What size and kind of generator do you use?

The standard generator is an 8,000 kW Onan Diesel. We can go up to 20,000 kW.

How do you compare in price to a diesel pusher?

Pricing for pushers is always changing. Our motorhomes start around $200,000 and can go up to $350,000. Toterhomes can range from $165,000–$225,000. Garage coaches can range from $185,000–$325,000.

What is the fresh water and holding tank capacities in a motorhome?

100 gallons of fresh water is standard. 200 gallons is the maximum inside the coach with an additional 100 gallons outside on some models. The standard is 72 gallons each for black and gray tanks with additional capacity available on some units.

Is financing available, and do you take trades?

We do not do in-house financing, however we have a number of companies who can help you listed on our finance page. We will help you find a buyer for your coach.

What are the color options?

The sky is the limit. You can apply graphics to our standard white exterior color which average $4,000–$6,000. Full body paint can start at $16,000 and go up to $30,000, depending on your preference.

How many floor plans do you offer?

We offer hundreds of different layouts. Your conversion is custom-built to your preferences. We start with a basic layout and let you decide the rest. There are some limitations due to R.V.I.A regulations as well as structural requirements.

Do I have to stop at weigh stations?

Only if you have commercial tags on your conversion.